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Our application projects are focused on: Education; Business and Organizations in general; Energy, Water Environment and Petroleum management, e-Government, Biomedicine and Personalized Health Care; among others.

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What can we do for your business?


Our cost-effective and comprehensive Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Analytics services provide a foundation for insight and analysis to help you make more insightful business decisions, take bold action, and execute quickly. We have developed algorithms and methodologies than make an effective work in Data analytics. We make a model of your business, and detect with you the business necessity, in order to customize the data to be explored.


Our team can provide you with the best conceptualization of your organization, in order to detect the main problems, and conflicts, as well as to generate an appropriate vision of your future organization. This will be the basis for a deeper understanding of your actual state via, for instance soft systems analysis, viable model systems, strategic analysis, and/or simulation methods. This will allow you to recreate your organizational vision, to redirect your organizational action, and to re-orient your organizational strategies.


You can outsource to us a major portion of your research and let us to do the toughest parts of the job. We will sit down with you in order to listen to your problem, understand your need and your vision. Then, we study whatever is needed to fully grasp the essence, develop a proposal focused on a strong scientific method, iterated it with you. Engage our specialized team. Get you scientific results in short times with an excellent cost/benefit ratio.


We get together with you; you show us your development, regardless at which stage of advancement it is; we ask you many questions that will allow us to define inputs/outputs, features, standards, among others; we start the development, and iterate with you regularly to ensure we are going in the direction you want. At the end, we return to you with an elegantly designed and prototyped code meeting the most stringent specifications.


We have a top-quality group of scientists who have become specialists in state-of-the-art R&D through decades of work. Our teams will follow a scientific method to assess and conclude on many areas of your possible innovation, such as: technical feasibility, commercial viability, patenting opportunities, estimated time to market, among others. Needless to say, we value and live by your privacy, so we are ready to safeguard your information through all the de legal mechanisms.

Our team

We are a smart team spread in different countries as Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, France and Sweden


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Centros de Estudios de Microelectrónica y Sistemas Distribuidos (CEMISID). Sector La Hechicera Universidad de Los Andes, Facultad de Ingeniería, Ala Oeste, Piso 2. Mérida - Venezuela. TelFax: +58-274-2402914 email: tepuy@ubitica.com